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R U Drawing the Line at Face Tattoo’s?

Someone asked me recently would I hang/date/marry a guy with a face tattoo?  Hhhmmmm, I guess it depends!  Quick google and voila! HolyTaco Batman these guys/gals are tattooed in the extreme.  Orange jumpsuit guy apparently has a lady named Jolene so he is probably off the market ladies!

Being a vegan I found this guy ‘interesting’ but not sure how this look would translate into a real life hang at Starbucks!  I am courageous but…


Good luck out there – that special person may be hiding behind a face of ink! 

TattCafe always welcomes pictures and stories of your dating within the tattoo pool…

KitsilanoKitty, #1 TattCafe Member – Online Dating for Tattoo Lovers and Lovers of Tattoos!

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Online Dating – First Date Tattoo Nightmare!

Dating Nightmare Scenario #1:  The Closet Comicon Fanatic

After meeting and chatting a few times you give in and accept a date not knowing what lurks under that plaid western shirt.  From his point of view, does he show this baby off during appetizers or wait a few weeks before unleashing the beast?  One would hope that this little fella would come up in conversation well before the date happens!

I do not know if this guy is a member of TattCafe but if he is, I am sure that there is a the perfect partner for him in our database!

Ciao for now,

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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Inter-Tattoo Dating – Breakdown the Barriers!

This Public Service Announcement pretty much sums up everything that TattCafe is about! (Not!)  I LMFAO as it went along.  Boris asks some interesting questions about hot tattooed chicks only dating others guys with hot tattoos.  What about the un-tattooed guy who thinks you are smoking hot?  Shouldn’t he get a chance?  Step out of your comfort zone and give them a try!  HaHaha!

Seriously  though, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only people that ‘look’ like you when looking for love.  See the person first and if they have awesome ink, well ain’t that a big fat bonus!

So whether you have one tattoo, a hundred, or none, you are welcome at TattCafe online dating for tattoo lovers, because it is really all about a mindset and a lifestyle.

Best wishes and tattoo kisses,

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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Romance Writers and Tattooed Characters – Yum?










We at TattCafe love stories about love and tattoos.  Same as we all have our secret guilty pleasures – maybe yours is reading romance novels?!  Well Donna Cummings loves romance and the tattooed main characters in them!  Read about them in ‘Heroes and Heartbreakers‘ from her blog:

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Christmas Lights, Tattoos, Twitter – YouTube

It’s a little after 7am and it is still dark outside.  Dog and cats are sleeping.  Hhhmmm, what to do?  YouTube!  I have seen enough funny cat videos so I pop in ‘christmas, tattoos’ and found this nugget of a video featuring some young(?) chap in the UK.  Love his hair!

Spent three hours in a mini-van with a couple of health care professionals this weekend.  One knew about my tattoos, the other did not.  Conversation swerves to ‘my daughter wants to get a tattoo on her wrist what do I do as I have a butterfly on my ass cheek, that now looks like a condor’.

The daughter is only 17 years old so I advised Daddy to make her wait until she was out of school and figuring out where she was going for the next few years.  It may not be in a city that is so tatt friendly as Vancouver. I know from experience that traveling or working in other countries in difficult enough as it is without throwing in scorn and dealing with people who give you ‘the look’.  Some days you just don’t feel like educating the world, and that is alright.

I have also had some great dates that were cut short by a glimpse of the tattoos.  The glimpse led to the story behind the ink, which led to a polite good night.  Wish there was back then!

Best of the morning to you,

Kitsilano Kitty


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