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Today! Saturday at 5pm! ANIMALICIOUS Art

Today! Saturday at 5pm! ANIMALICIOUS Art & Animals fundraiser at the @SMASH_arts Gallery 580 Clark #vancouver. Raffles include gifts from @BaruLatino, @EstLounge, @textura_salon, @jturnerentgroup, @theINNERface, @VetPetCareGirl & Tonic Records


ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Come to the SMASH

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Come to the SMASH Gallery tonight-support VOKRA, SARS, CritterAid, Greyhaven, Friends of Animals NF! 5-11pm 580 Clark Vancouver.

It’s almost Saturday! ANIMALICIOUS Art

It’s almost Saturday! ANIMALICIOUS Art & Animals at the @SMASH_arts Gallery 580 Clark #vancouver. Raffles include gifts from @BaruLatino, @EstLounge, @textura_salon, @jturnerentgroup, @theINNERface, @VetPetCareGirl & Tonic Records.

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Establishment Loun

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Establishment Lounge @estlounge has generously donated a gift certificate to our event to help 5 animal rescues! LIKE their FB page for special events, drinks and dessert updates!

Huge Woof & Meow to all our Kits ANIMALI

Huge Woof & Meow to all our Kits ANIMALICIOUS! sponsors Dave/Rene @BaruLatino, Sathi @estlounge, Noelle @VetPetCareGirl, Beth @textura_salon!

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: If you love truly

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: If you love truly great food and atmosphere, visit Establishment Lounge @estlounge. Stay up-to-date by LIKEing them on Facebook

We love @BaruLatino! Owners Dave & Rene

We love @BaruLatino! Owners Dave & Rene focus on Latin driven cuisine using responsibly caught seafood and local ingredients. Fantastic! @vetpetcaregirl @tattcafe @smokinglovers


ANIMALICIOUS Update: Diners’ Choice Award for 2012? Establishment Lounge of course! @estlounge A great sponsor of our event. Join us on Dec. 8th to win their Gift Certificate!