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Mojito anyone? @BaruLatino makes a wicke

Mojito anyone? @BaruLatino makes a wicked one! Variety of cocktails to please any palette! ANIMALICIOUS gift certificate sponsor & great place to enjoy. @vetpetcaregirl @tattcafe @smokinglovers


Love Latin? @BaruLatino supporting ANIMA

Love Latin? @BaruLatino supporting ANIMALICIOUS Art & Animals Nite at the SMASH Gallery, Dec. 8th by donating Gift Certificate. Raffles & Gift Baskets galore! @vetpetcaregirl @tattcafe @smokinglovers

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Call soon to make

ANIMALICIOUS! Update: Call soon to make your Xmas Party reservations! No party to big or too small, Establishment handles them all.

SNEAK PEAK: MIZUMI Pleated Floral Dress

Fashion for Tattoo’ed Ladies!

Mizumi Pleated Purple Dress

This MIZUMI pleated dress is our Kitsilano Kitty’s Sneak Peek of the week. It is 100% polyester with a left side bow tie and is sleeveless. Fits from Small to Medium. Beautiful flowy fabric with lush colouring.  Very gorgeous and unique.

If you would like to add this pre-owned dress to your wardrobe, make us an offer before we add it to our online store!

Kitsilano Kitty,


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#ScarJo gets amateurish #tattoo?! http:/

#ScarJo gets amateurish #tattoo?! @tattcafe @smokinglovers

Girl Gets Tattoo of Guys Face 1 Week of

Girl Gets Tattoo of Guys Face 1 Week of Dating @tattcafe @smokinglovers

#smoke like a Bull!

#smoke like a Bull! @tattcafe #smoking #smokers #ecigs

ANIMALICIOUS Update: Amazing photo galle

ANIMALICIOUS Update: Amazing photo gallery @estlounge custom drinks, decor, dish after dish of deliciousness! Establishment Lounge Gift Certificate prize worth coming down to the party for!

“But when I don’t smoke I scarcely feel

“But when I don’t smoke I scarcely feel as if I’m living. I don’t feel as if I’m living unless I’m killing myself.” #russellhoban @tattcafe #smoking #smokingfetish #smokers

#LoveHateTattoo beautiful designs and in

#LoveHateTattoo beautiful designs and ink! @tattcafe @smokinglovers