TattCafe sponsors Team Noelle’s Pet Love in Scotiabank 5K Walk for Charity!


Local Pet Sitter organizes DIY Fundraiser for The Penny Foundation Dog Rescue Society

Team Noelle’s Pet Love is tackling a 5K walk on June 24th to collect discontinued Canadian pennies for The Penny Foundation Pet Rescue Society.

This week Noelle King, owner of Noelle’s Pet Love in Vancouver, BC, announced her company’s first charity fundraiser to benefit The Penny Foundation Dog Rescue Society.

“The Canadian penny is about to be discontinued and everyone I know has a jar of pennies somewhere in their house. It’s just something we all do so why donate them to a charity in need now that we cannot spend them in stores?” says Noelle King. “The fit of The Penny Foundation and pennies is just so obvious!”

Noelle says that clients and friends ask her all the time about the foundations on her website (http://www.NoellesPetLove.com) because they are not ‘high-profile’ organizations.  Organizations such as The Penny Foundation (http://www.penniesfordogs.org), Small Animal Rescue (http://smallanimalrescue.org) and Vancouver Rabbit Rescue Advocacy group (http://www.vrra.org) are charities close to her heart in all the generous unselfish love they give to dogs, cats, rabbits and all the animals that they save year in and year out.

One of her associates Helen Siwak, another small business owner and president of an online tattoo dating site TattCafe (http://www.TattCafe.com), came to Noelle with the concept after seeing Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty on television suggesting that Canadians donate their pennies to charity.

Since then Helen has been key to assisting Noelle in put together a team for the Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5K to raise money for The Penny Foundation. The plan is spread the word and raise awareness for this great rescue organization via a 5K walk with plenty of t-shirt advertising space dedicated to The Penny Foundations rescue efforts.

The team currently has four members: Noelle, Helen, Vlassis Xanthopoulos and Courtney Ellerman – all animal lovers and adoptive parents of multiple rescues from around the world.  Their team goal is $500 which they feel is easily reachable and if you would like to donate your pennies towards Team NPL visit their Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/239203162857646/

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