Inter-Tattoo Dating – Breakdown the Barriers!

This Public Service Announcement pretty much sums up everything that TattCafe is about! (Not!)  I LMFAO as it went along.  Boris asks some interesting questions about hot tattooed chicks only dating others guys with hot tattoos.  What about the un-tattooed guy who thinks you are smoking hot?  Shouldn’t he get a chance?  Step out of your comfort zone and give them a try!  HaHaha!

Seriously  though, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only people that ‘look’ like you when looking for love.  See the person first and if they have awesome ink, well ain’t that a big fat bonus!

So whether you have one tattoo, a hundred, or none, you are welcome at TattCafe online dating for tattoo lovers, because it is really all about a mindset and a lifestyle.

Best wishes and tattoo kisses,

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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3 thoughts on “Inter-Tattoo Dating – Breakdown the Barriers!

  1. Nathan says:

    I just want to know who the girl in that picture is! She is absolutely breath taking! I want to see more pics of her!

  2. Hi Nathan, here name Stock Photography! Sorry to disappoint with her, but you could check out, our website for dating tattooed lovers. (Kind of the whole point here!). Ciao for now, KitsilanoKitty.

  3. e says:

    chicks with tatts are hot

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