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Inter-Tattoo Dating – Breakdown the Barriers!

This Public Service Announcement pretty much sums up everything that TattCafe is about! (Not!)  I LMFAO as it went along.  Boris asks some interesting questions about hot tattooed chicks only dating others guys with hot tattoos.  What about the un-tattooed guy who thinks you are smoking hot?  Shouldn’t he get a chance?  Step out of your comfort zone and give them a try!  HaHaha!

Seriously  though, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only people that ‘look’ like you when looking for love.  See the person first and if they have awesome ink, well ain’t that a big fat bonus!

So whether you have one tattoo, a hundred, or none, you are welcome at TattCafe online dating for tattoo lovers, because it is really all about a mindset and a lifestyle.

Best wishes and tattoo kisses,

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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TattCafe Announces “The Future of the Past” and the Re-birth of Iconic SMASH Gallery of Modern Art in Vancouver BC

12 Midnite, SMASH Gallery of Modern Art and the gallery’s ‘Prince of Lowbrow12 Midnite are teaming up to promote the re-birth of the iconic SMASH Gallery of Modern Art.

After 20 years of pumping the Vancouver art scene, veteran ‘Prince of LowBrow’ 12 Midnite and his partner Jennifer Abrams proudly reawaken the legend that is SMASH Gallery of Modern Art.

It is no secret that the founders of alternative online dating site are in love with tattoos and the culture that embraces flesh marking. So it is a natural extension of their interest in ink to embrace those who live and survive within this worldwide community.

Co-founder of Tattcafe, Helen Siwak, had her first big city gallery show at the SMASH over twenty years ago.  It was a shock to the small town girl to show in gallery on the decidedly ‘wrong side of the tracks‘ where the patrons were edgy, flamboyant and flaunted their counterculture.  Regrettably the gallery closed its doors at the end of that exhibition.

In the twenty some years that have past since the SMASH’s reign, 12 Midnite has been the owner operator of several seminal Vancouver galleries beginning with the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art, The Big red dot, new tiny, lucky red and the Lowbrow Garage.

Fast forward to 2012 and 12 Midnite has an updated vision for SMASH to explore. Having held a fascination with the mythical dichotomy that exists between so-called high and low art has driven him to constantly blend techniques and approaches. An admiration for psychological advertising techniques and the rebellion against them has led him to the street and alleyways as an illegal street artist promoting a political bent toward pro-human and anti-establishment symbols of personal and societal resistance.

“SMASH is a place where artist and their public can meet on common ground, without the trappings of government funding or the smoke and mirrors environments of traditional commercial galleries.” expounds gallery owner 12 Midnite.

12 Midnite‘s imagery has appeared in many mediums: Neon, paintings, and custom cars have appeared in film productions, music videos, TV shows and commercials. Clients include Warner Brothers and the Grand Ole Opry. His art has adorned clothing, lighters, hats, stickers, even billboards, not to mention how many tattoos out there incorporate his images. 12 Midnite’s work can be found in commercial and private collections all over Canada, the US and Britain. is proud to announce the return of the SMASH Gallery of Modern Art and 12 Midnite’s premier exhibition “The Future of the Past”.  A fitting title for the first show in a gallery destined to influence a new generation of Vancouver art stars.

Located at 580 Clark Drive in Vancouver, BC, the new SMASH is 1500 square feet of pure art bliss offering gallery space, design, custom neon and rentals.

Opening night is Friday, March 30th from 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

Artists who wish future consideration for hanging should contact 12 Midnite and Jennifer Abrams through the galleries website at

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Tattoos and BBQ at SXSW

Good advice from Micah Baldwin. He is CEO and Chief Community Caretaker of provides an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated merchandise.

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TattCafe Hooks Up with Stray Dog Shelter in Troubled Greece

Kiki Karathanassi & KitsilanoKitty - Kitten Adoption Day

Kiki Karathanassi & KitsilanoKitty - Kitten Adoption Day

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) March 08, 2012

Online dating is one way to ‘hook-up’ but is offering their members a way to help a struggling shelter in Athens, Greece. Staff and members of TattCafe are encouraged to walk or pledge Team TattCafe in the Vancouver Sun Run 10K this April 2012.

There is a little less than 10 weeks left before the Vancouver Sun Run 10K and the founders of are training hard speed walking 3-5 km’s three times a week.

Admittedly “not a fit man”, Vladimiros (Vlassis) Xanthopoulos has two goals for the online tattooed dating site that he and Canadian wife Helen recently launched. First is to build Team TattCafe, a 10 person corporate team to enter the Sun Run, and second to rally TattCafe members, especially those with ties to Greece, to help a struggling animal rescue shelter in his old neighbourhood of Neas Filadelpheas in Athens, Greece.

The economic hardship in Greece has hit the Filozoikos Neas Filadelpheas (Friends of Animals NF) especially hard as they struggle with local government that is not friendly to strays, lack of funds for food/medicine and a seemingly neverending stream of dogs abandoned in the park adjacent to the shelter. While volunteering is up, adoption and donations are down and positive outlooks are hard to come by.

More and more particularly hard hit families are bringing their children to the daily dog-walking sessions as an alternative to after-school programs, tutoring or even television watching, as they cannot offer these activities to their children anymore. The shelter provides a safe, fun environment where the children can get away from the hardships they see around them even if only for a few hours each day.

Vlassis and Helen were personally involved with this registered charity for three years before moving to Vancouver, BC, and know firsthand the cultural and financial difficulties faced by any animal rescue groups in Greece. By putting together a tattooed team of westcoast dog lovers, this couple hope to not only bring together local tattooed singles to train, race and find love together but to help keep a shelter operating so the strays may one day find love with new parents.

The Mad Greek Restaurant in Richmond, BC has stepped up as the first Silver level sponsor and TattCafe is challenging other Greek restaurants around the world to pitch in and help the Greek strays.

If you would like more information, photos, join or help TattCafe in their run to support the Friends of Animals NF, please visit For businesses there are Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship levels and for animal lovers donations are accepted through PayPal on their fundraising page.

Press Release link:

Proud to be involved,

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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The Tattoo Art Project – Johann Larsson – Sweden

This is the March 6, 2012 blog entry by Johann Larsson in the Tattoo Art Project blog.  TattCafe readers are surely to find this an interesting project and to learn more about it, the link is at the bottom of the page.

Why it’s important to make amazing art into an amazing tattoo also in 10 years

Liorcifer backpiece

I would really like to take the time here and remind some artist and collectors about good tattoos, and the fact that it will be with you for the rest of your days on this planet…or others…

I see a lot of incredible tattoo art in the past few years that is truly mind boggling and eye opener as for how far this industry has reached and what can really be done on skin, most of it haven’t been seen in the previous years. And for that I thank all the new blood and incredible artists that chose this as their medium, as well as the innovators that had the balls to open those doors for us.

However, it seems like a lot of artists out there really stopped taking the time to pay attention to the factors that make a tattoo last and look great in 10 years time, and not only the first year. I’m really not coming here as an old bitter fart that is against progression and new ideas, however some ground rules are there for a reason, such as the fact that using white ( or any other light pigment) as an outside border for your tattoo against plain skin is just not going to hold, no matter how potent the pigment is.

Liorcifer Eddie tattoo

No outlines or colored lines is a beautiful effect and can be done in a productive way and still last forever if used the right way and taken in consideration of the design and what holds it all together. This is just one example, but there have been a few of those elements that I see more often now days used in tattoos.

I realize that face book and such places will have a million and one people blowing smoke up your ass and telling you how amazing it is, and again, I will be the first one to admit that some of the art there is above and beyond my own skills and look amazing, but you really need to remember that most people out there also think that some of the shittiest tattoos are amazing too and don’t really judge it beyond their limited knowledge. And constructive critics and support is all good when taken in perspective.

Liorcifer Chest piece

So, I ask you people, please take the time to figure out . After all every client deserves a great tattoo, and no matter how far we reached and keep on, there’s still a limitation of the medium you are working with and some art just does not work for it, as least not in the long run. And it is your responsibility as the tattoo artist to get people on the right track and help them make the right decisions in order to make their ideas into good tattoos.

I’m not trying to bash anyone here only doing my best to keep this industry pushing forward!
Thanks for reading this, and sorry for the long rant.

Keep up the great art!!!

See you in some Hell…

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Romance Writers and Tattooed Characters – Yum?










We at TattCafe love stories about love and tattoos.  Same as we all have our secret guilty pleasures – maybe yours is reading romance novels?!  Well Donna Cummings loves romance and the tattooed main characters in them!  Read about them in ‘Heroes and Heartbreakers‘ from her blog:

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Westcoast Tattoo and Culture Show! Vancouver Ink Action!

Westcoast Tattoo & Culture Show

The Westcoast Tattoo and Culture Show is your opportunity to look into the world of tattooing and tattoo culture. Not only will you get to see the amazing artwork, culture and history behind tattooing, you’ll also get to meet the diverse personalities that drive the tattoo industry.

The Westcoast Tattoo and Culture Show gives you an opportunity to meet the Artists from in and around Vancouver as well as from around the world. Every artist has a unique take on every piece they do, so come to the show find that perfect artist for the perfect piece. We have gathered some of the world’s best artists under one roof, so please come out and support them and their artwork.

TattCafe will be including our cool postcards in the swag bags so check them out and slap them on the fridge or mail to one of our lovelorn tatted up friends as a subtle hint that there is help out there!

April 27-29, 2012 at the Red Robinson Theatre at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam, BC, Canada.



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Baseball Players and their Delicious Colour Tattoos!

To all the sports un-enthusiasts! I notice that I don’t get interested in sports until the tattoos start painting the arms, legs, necks, etc. of the talent. Might have to add Baseball to my interests now!

Ciao and have a great Monday!

KitsilanoKitty, TattCafe Member #1

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