My Big Fat Greek Marathon – Tattooed Lovers of Rescue Animals Needed Here!

Hello Everyone,

My wife and I are entering the Vancouver Sun Run 10K Marathon this year to aid the survival of the Friends of Animals Neas Filadelpheas in Athens, Greece for the strays, the volunteers, and mostly for the children.

We volunteered at the shelter for 3 years before moving to Canada. I assisted with the dog-walking and manual labour but my wife lived and breathed helping. She built them a website, put them on Facebook, started school programs, made radio commercials, wrote petitions and brochures, organized volunteers, events and protests and mostly fundraised like crazy.  She even has their logo tattooed on her arm!  How crazy is that!

Rescue Tattoo

I have been in Canada for almost two years now and one thing that I have learned about Canadians is that they have big hearts and are willing to help others besides themselves. Never have I seen to many charities being supported by everyday people. It is a real eye-opener!

We are already have two dogs and two cats that we brought from Greece with us and are Virtual Parents to two strays at the shelter but really it is not enough.

Greek Rescues L-R: Jickers Doophanopoulos, Snickers Snackers, DeeDee Ramone, Zoey Ramone (top)

Greek Rescues L-R: Jickers Doophanopoulos, Snickers Snackers, DeeDee Ramone, Zoey Ramone (top)

When I saw the advertisement for the Sun Run, I thought I may not be a fit man but I have Greek determination and will do this for the strays. My wife agreed and volunteered to build our team and to put this Cause in front of as many people as possible.

So as a new Canadian, I ask you to help make our Sun Run successful and donate here – even $5 will vaccinate 2 puppies in Greece!

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