Blaze Schwaller @ Spirit Gallery Tattoo, CT – Call for Artists! July-Sept. 2012

Hi Everyone!  I am Blaze Schwaller, founder of the Spirit Gallery Tattoo, in New London, CT.  Our studio is holding it’s third annual Skin to Canvas gallery show this July 28th through September 29th, 2012. We are looking for tattoo artists and body mod professionals to hang paintings, sculptures and drawings that they make outside of the tattoo booth – showcasing that tattooist are artists and giving the public a taste of the beautiful and creative art being produced by the members of the tattoo industry.

The show will be heavily promoted through the radio, web and social media – each year the turn out is larger and larger!  Please contact me or Lari at Spirit Gallery Tattoo for more information and to be included in the press release as a participating artist! More information will be on our website starting in May as we begin putting together this diverse and exciting show.

I, myself, am a huge believer in the transformational quality of tattooing. I really love working with my clients to help them capture a moment on their skin.  The collaboration between the client and artist is very fulfilling for me.  It allows me to share my love for art with someone on a very personal and permanent level – I couldn’t ask for anything more awesome to spend my time doing!

My favorite tattoos to work on are of animals, portraits, flowers and other natural settings.  I love capturing the archetypal essence of an idea for someone and translating it into an image that is beautiful and serves its purpose.  Sure, not all tattoos have deep meaning – but they do capture some aspect of our souls, and I love looking for that connection and making it apparent on the skin.

I opened Spirit Gallery Tattoo in July of 2007. The Gallery combines my love of painting and illustration with the transformational power of tattoos. I am a painter as well as a tattoo artist, and have been working on a series of life-size portraits of friends and family for a gallery show here this October of 2012.

I love portraiture, nature and wildlife tattoos, and enjoy story-telling and fantasy art. When I am not at the tattoo studio or at home painting, you an usually find me at Southwick’s Zoo in MA, or hiking at local parks.  I continue to paint and study with artists who inspire me, and bring that inspiration into the tattoos I am honored to work on.

Blaze & Zephyr at WCCI’m also a huge fan of wildlife, and support the Wolf Conservation Center of NY ( as well as conservation groups such as the NRDC.  I held a charity show for them in 2010 to help raise funds for their educational and breeding programs reintroducing wolves to their natural environments.  As part of the fundraising process, I went out on a limb and requested donations from several celebrities, and the first one to respond was Donald Trump!  Inspired by his contribution, I painted “Trump Wolf”Atka (shown above) visited us twice for this show – once to model for the artists painting for the show, and again at the opening reception for an educational talk to the public, and of course to see his paintings!  🙂

Trump Wolf

TattCafe is proud to share this ‘Call for Artists‘ on behalf of Blaze Schwaller and Spirit Gallery Tattoo in New London, CT, USA. is an online dating site for tattooed people and those who love them. Visit our website at, bookmark or follow our  blog at here at, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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