Christmas Lights, Tattoos, Twitter – YouTube

It’s a little after 7am and it is still dark outside.  Dog and cats are sleeping.  Hhhmmm, what to do?  YouTube!  I have seen enough funny cat videos so I pop in ‘christmas, tattoos’ and found this nugget of a video featuring some young(?) chap in the UK.  Love his hair!

Spent three hours in a mini-van with a couple of health care professionals this weekend.  One knew about my tattoos, the other did not.  Conversation swerves to ‘my daughter wants to get a tattoo on her wrist what do I do as I have a butterfly on my ass cheek, that now looks like a condor’.

The daughter is only 17 years old so I advised Daddy to make her wait until she was out of school and figuring out where she was going for the next few years.  It may not be in a city that is so tatt friendly as Vancouver. I know from experience that traveling or working in other countries in difficult enough as it is without throwing in scorn and dealing with people who give you ‘the look’.  Some days you just don’t feel like educating the world, and that is alright.

I have also had some great dates that were cut short by a glimpse of the tattoos.  The glimpse led to the story behind the ink, which led to a polite good night.  Wish there was back then!

Best of the morning to you,

Kitsilano Kitty


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