Tatts4Cats – Fundraiser for VOKRA in BC

Our first fundraiser!  We have two passions here at TattCafe – first is our love of animals and secondly the graphic brilliance of a beautifully inked tattoo.

After three years of animal rescue, rehab and re-homing in Athens, Greece, I was emotionally burnt out and just wanted to get away from it all.  “Dog Days” by Florence and the Machine played like a broken record in my head for months after returning to Canada but the desire to be with the strays was still in my heart.

I had been following on Facebook the foster kitten shenanigans that Scooter and Roxanne had going on at their house and wanted in.  A quick referral, a website application and we were in.  Many kitten deliveries happened over the year we lived in Richmond and just as many went out, adopted by new loving mommy’s and daddy’s.  Sometimes solo but usually in pairs.

We now live in Kitsilano and are unable to foster due to limited space in the new digs but we help when we can.  This summer we walked 5k with Miss Snickers (our brindle rescued from Greece) in the VOKRA WalkAThon, baked kittycat cupcakes, sold hot dogs, but now that we are helping tattooed people find fun and happiness by dating online we have to shift gears and be creative.

Tatts4Cats is a unique fundraising idea and we hope it catches on.

TattCafe.com is ready to support animal rescue groups world-wide with this campaign.  Helping the strays, the abandoned, the forgotten is hard both emotionally and physically.  Let us help you help them!  Email us at tattcafe@yahoo.com for more details.

Kitty kisses,


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One thought on “Tatts4Cats – Fundraiser for VOKRA in BC

  1. Thank you Tatts For Cats!!!!!!

    Gina From VOKRA

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