My First Tattoo – Greece

I used to work for the government in a country where tradition is everything.  Having tattoos was not acceptable at work or with family.  At work it was actually a requirement NOT to have one!  In my country, not even ten years ago, tattoos were a sign that you were a bad person or had spent time in prison.
I met the woman of my dreams through  She was the first guest I had from another country.  She came, she surfed, she stayed.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Couchsurfing isn’t an online dating site but it worked just as well for me!
This Canadian had many tattoos.  I was intrigued.  How could this woman live and have jobs with these tattoos?  Canada started sounding like a pretty cool place.  She inspired me enough to break the rules of my work.
I got my first tattoo at a porn conference in Athens.  I snuck away when my wife was drinking in the lounge with her Austrian friend.  I had it done in my upper back so nobody would ever see it.  Now that I have quit that job and moved to Canada those limitations are gone.  I can do whatever I want.  Makes me feel a little more free.  I have since added two more and can’t wait for all the next ones that are going to come.
This ‘Ink Not Mink‘ tattoo is my second.  Bill at Adrenaline on Granville Street in Vancouver did this for me.  It is a conversation starter with the guys at the warehouse for sure!
TattCafe Member ID:  saio13, Vancouver, BC
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